get tested, get cured

Myth: Hepatitis C is rare.

Fact: Hepatitis C is the most common bloodborne infection in the US. The majority of with people with hepatitis C are not aware of their infection.

The only way to know if you have hepatitis C is to get tested!

There are two steps to hepatitis C testing: Hepatitis C Antibody Test and Viral Load Test (HCV RNA test)

  1. Hepatitis C Antibody Test: If the Hepatitis C Antibody Test is reactive it means that you have been infected with hepatitis C, but it does not mean that you are currently infected with hepatitis C. For some people, the body’s natural defenses can get rid of the virus.

  2. Viral Load Test: If you have a reactive Hepatitis C Antibody Test you will need a Viral Load Test, also called a Hepatitis C RNA test. If you have both a reactive antibody test and a positive viral load test you will need to talk to a doctor about hepatitis C treatment.


*Sometimes these two tests are done at the same time.


Who should get tested for hepatitis C?

  • All adults born from 1945 through 1965 (Baby Boomers) should be tested once

  • Individuals who currently inject drugs or ever injected drugs

  • Individuals who have HIV infection

  • Individuals with certain medical conditions (consult your primary care provider)

Myth: All hepatitis C drugs have terrible side effects.

Fact: New antiviral medications have fewer side effects and are more effective at achieving a cure.

Hepatitis C can be treated and cured!


Treatment for hepatitis C has improved greatly in recent years. There are several effective medications available to treat chronic hepatitis C with few side effects. These treatments usually involve 8-12 weeks of a one-pill-a-day regimen and cure over 90% of people.

For more information see the CDC guidelines here.

screening and follow-up care

This is not an exhaustive list of physicians who provide viral hepatitis services in Allegheny County. This list is not an endorsement of their services, and it does not guarantee that these physicians will see new patients.

Providers are listed alphabetically.

Allegheny County Health Department Immunization Clinic

Hartley-Rose Building
425 First Ave., 4th Fl.
Pittsburgh PA 15219


Allegheny County Health Department STD Clinic**

Blakey Center

Public Health Clinic

1908 Wylie Avenue

(412) 578-808

Allegheny Health Network 

Allegheny General Hospital Internal Medicine – Northside

1307 Federal St Suite #B300

Pittsburgh, PA, 15212

(412) 359-3751

Allies for Health and Wellbeing***

5913 Penn Ave,

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

(412) 345-7456

Free Confidential Services

(Includes testing for HIV, STIs & Hepatitis C)

Alma Illery Medical Center

Primary Care Health Services, Inc.

7227 Hamilton Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15208

(412) 244-4700

Catholic Charities Free Clinic***

212 Ninth Street, 3rd Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15222



Central Outreach Resource & Referral Center

*** (CORRC)

1860 Center Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


HCV & HIV rapid testing/Drug & Alcohol referrals

Central Outreach Wellness Centers***

North Shore Clinic 

Timber Court Building, Suite 101

127 Anderson Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Office (412) 515 - 0000Fax (844) 389 - 1405

Free Confidential Services, Free Hep C Testing & Treatment,

Free HIV, STD, STI Testing & Treatment.

Case Management Services. LGBTQIA Specialized Healthcare

East End Community Health Care Center

Primary Care Health Services, Inc.

117 North Negley Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

(412) 404-4000

East Liberty Family Health Care Center

Christian Ministry of Whole Person Healthcare

6023 Harvard Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

(412) 661-2802

East Liberty Family Health Care Center

Lincoln-Lemington Office

Christian Ministry of Whole Person

7171 Churchland Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

(412) 361-8284

Hazelwood Family Health Center

Primary Care Health Services, Inc

4918 Second Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15207

(412) 422-9520

Hill House Health Center

Primary Care Health Services, Inc

1835 Centre Avenue, Suite 190

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

(412) 261-0937

Hilltop Community Healthcare Center

151 Ruth Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15211(412) 431-3520

McKeesport 9th Street Clinic

The Common Ground Building

410 Ninth Avenue

McKeesport, PA 15132

(412) 664-4304

Metro Community Health Center

1789 South Braddock Avenue, Suite 410

Pittsburgh, PA 15218

(412) 247-2310


North Side Christian Health Center

816 Middle Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

(412) 321-4001

North Side Christian

Health Care Center at Northview Heights

525 Mount Pleasant Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15214

(412) 322-7500

McKeesport Family Health Center

Primary Care Health Services, Inc.

627 Lyle Boulevard

McKeesport, PA 15132

(412) 664-4112

Prevention Point Pittsburgh***

5913 Penn Ave,

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Needle Exchange Services, Case Management,

Overdose Prevention, Crisis Intervention,

Free Hepatitis C and HIV testing and Counseling


Steel Valley Health Center

Primary Care Health Services, Inc.

1800 West Street, Suite 110

Homestead, PA 15120

(412) 461-3863

Squirrel Hill Health Center

4516 Browns Hill Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15217

(412) 422-7442


Squirrel Hill Health Center - Brentwood

Brentwood Towne Square

103 Town Square Way

Pittsburgh, PA 15227

(412) 422-7442


Center for Liver Disease

3471 Fifth Ave, STE 916

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

(412) 647-1770

West End Health Center

Primary Care Health Services, Inc.

415 Neptune Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15220

(412) 921-7200

West Penn Medical Associates-Liberty

4747 Liberty Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15224

(412) 325-2851

415 Neptune Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15220

(412) 921-7200

** Free with HIV & Syphilis Testing

***Free services