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healthcare provider resources

Allegheny County Health Department
Bureau of Data, Reporting, and Disease Control
542 Fourth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 687-2243

Community Liver Alliance
100 W. Station Square Drive Suite 212
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 742-4051
Hepatitis C screening and educational materials and
updated Hepatitis C informational events

Prevention Point Pittsburgh
Needle Exchange Services, Case Management,
Overdose Prevention, Crisis Intervention, Free Hepatitis C
and HIV testing and Counseling

Hepatitis C Online
Hepatitis C Online is a free educational web site from the University of Washington. The site is a comprehensive resource that addresses the diagnosis, monitoring, and management of hepatitis C virus infection.

Hepatitis C Prescriber Toolkit
State-specific resources to assist providers in navigating health coverage requirements that may impact the prescription of hepatitis C treatment.

HCV Guidelines 
To provide healthcare professionals with timely guidance, the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) and the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) have developed a web-based process for the rapid formulation and dissemination of evidence-based, expert-developed recommendations for hepatitis C management.

HepCure aims to improve provider knowledge for chronic disease management and increase patient engagement in persons with HCV infection. The HepCure toolkit is designed to address barriers to providing effective care and treatment of HCV through web-based and smart device enabled resources for both patients and providers.

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